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Client / Law Professor:

“I’ve been a Law professor for most of my professional career as well as a practicing lawyer for over 40 years. Over the course of that time, I have taught a few thousand students and worked both with and against many lawyers on behalf of clients but very rarely been a client. When I taught professional responsibility, I told my students that I expected them to exhibit the highest levels of professionalism when they began to practice law and that their clients deserved nothing less. There are many hallmarks of professionalism, including courtesy, consideration, promptness, and good communication. As your client, I’ve found you to exhibit all of these hallmarks and more. The staff people at your firm with whom I’ve interacted have also been very professional, a clear sign that this professionalism is part of your firm’s culture. Thank you for your careful, thoughtful and very professional representation. I’ve enjoyed working with you and your firm. Very best regards.”

Dave Prince
Professor of Law Emeritus
William Mitchell College of Law
St. Paul, MN

Daughter of Deceased Estate Plan Client:

“This case my Dad asked you to do is truly difficult. I’d like to say that I have a great respect for you and the difficult work you’ve done. It’s impeccable and masterful. You have succeeded in getting this done without giving up. It’s impressive and I thank you. My Dad would be very happy with you and himself for choosing you to settle his estate.”

Daughter of Deceased Client:

“Thank you for the professional and caring manner you handled my mom’s affairs in the past 5 years. I appreciate how understanding you were with my Mom’s journey with dementia and in the process took care of Mom’s needs and my own. . . . My husband and I will be forever grateful for everything you have done for my family.”


“Ray is a very capable and competent attorney with a wealth of experience. He is punctual and his integrity is beyond challenge. The years of experience have added to his knowledge of this area of the law [Trusts and Estates] and he is deserving of the highest of recommendations.”

Trust Officer:

“Ray and I have worked on many client estate plans and he has handled numerous estates for the Bank. He has always been prompt and diligent in his work and clear in his communications. He has been able to help clients design an estate plan that has helped them feel confident that their objectives will be accomplished and that they have been protected from any unnecessary taxes or expenses. He is very skilled at working with families that have difficult family dynamics.”

Client who served as Executor for Estate of Deceased Friend:

“I really appreciate all that you have done for us over the years. You guided me during the rough patches in the beginning and at the end! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”